Professional Search Engine Optimization
Research shows that 85% of web traffic comes from search engines. But if your site is not ranked high enough on the search engines (e.g. after the third page of the search result), none of that traffic will come to you. 

You can have the best looking site in the world, but if your potential customers can't find it, what good is it?

Some of the most relevant traffic comes from what is known as "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO as it is also known).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

When a user types in a search phrase into engines,(like Google AltaVista, AskJeeves, AlltheWeb, etc), and gets results back, those results are made up of several complex formulas. The process search engines use to "rank" sites is, simply put, a series of mathematical formulas. There is no human involved in evaluating any individual site - the mathematical formulas are computed from the information that each engine has gathered from your site. The goal of our Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) is to obtain and maintain top positions for the relevant words and phrases that your site is based upon. 

The Search Engines analyze over 100 items when analyzing your pages. Some of the major factors are: 

Keyword Density, Words in Title Tag, Words in the Page , Words in Links , Words in Headings, Words in Bold , Beginning Words, Words in URL , Meta Tags (some engines), HTML Validation , Directory Listings, Link Structure , "Indexability" of the page, and Hundreds of Other Factors, 

Beyond the items listed above, the engines may also look at directory listings, who links to you, and what "linking neighborhoods" your site links in and out of.

There are two factors in any Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services strategy. The goal is to give them both what they need. 

Are you still relying on your designer for your SEO Services? A LOT of web design firms out there happily take your money to build a web site , but how many know how to get your web site traffic?... VERY FEW! HOLSEO specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services).

If you're targeting any competitive market, you need the services of a specialist who knows how to get your site great Search Engine Positioning. Designing web sites and marketing those web sites are two separate and totally different fields. Many people don't understand that. Web sites are not ranked based on looks. If they were this page would be #1 for everything. 

We will help you with our search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge and skills! If you're serious about internet marketing and optimization, contact us today. 

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